Pink trend

Hola chicas!

There’s a new trend and it’s the pink trend. It’s as easy as it is, you just wear pink and you’re a step further to a fashionista. 😉

I’m glad I love pink and that I find a lot of pink items in shops because now I don’t really have to shop pink items especially for this trend. It’s already waiting for in my wardrobe for me to put on, right?
In this post, you know now that pink is a fashion trend of course but I also want to show you which pink items I do have.
I don’t have any pink bottoms actually so maybe if I go shopping again and I see pink bottoms, I’ll try them on for sure!

The pictures below are the clothing items that I have in pink.
Watch them and relax. Enjoy! 🙂

Xoxo Caroline



Foundation review

Hola chicas!

I have a review of a beauty product for you in this post. I really struggle a lot with my skin and makeup.Finding the right color, the right liquid (that is good for my skin)… It’s so hard and I buy a lot to see which one is great. So in this post I’m going to review a foundation that I bought in the hope that this one is actually a better one.

Disclaimer: the foundation can be different on your skin!!!

Foundation: Catrice cosmetics All matt

Type: 015 Vanilla Beige

I used it a couple days in a row and actually still use it each day and everyday. I really didn’t tought it was going to be that great on my skin. It fits really great, it’s subtile but still an equal face. It sets fantastic too and it actually doesn’t really strop my pores. I have the feeling that they still can breathe.

I think I really fall in love with this foundation. For me, it’s a really go go!!!

I bought it in the Kruidvat, if you don’t have that store then research it, you’ll find it!

I hope you like this review and that you are maybe going to try it too!

Xoxo Caroline


Unusual model 2.0

Hola chicas!

I’ve posted a post with an unusual model as concept. Those models really catches my eye each time and I think it’s good to show them to you.

This is Winnie Harlow and I think she’s amazingly beautiful. She was diagnosed with the chronic skin condition vitiligo, characterized by depigmentation of portions of the skin, at the age of four.
It was hard for her because she was a victim of bullying. Now she’s happy and it’s worth the model career she thinks and so do I.

Here is the lovely Winnie. What do you think about it? ❤

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Xoxo Caroline


Veritas Haul

Hola chicas!

It’s Saturday. It’s my second last day of vacation. It’s my last weekend of vacation. It’s my first haul of vacation and on this blog…

Let’s make it fun by reading this lovely haul.

I went a little shopping in the Veritas (shop in Belgium) where I bought literally 2 things but I really wanted to show it to you darlings.

I bought the fishnet tights that I wanted because I love the trend where you wear the fishnet under your ripped jeans (post: Trend I love). And I also bought a foot bracelet.


Xoxo Caroline


Unusual model

Hola chicas!

I was amusing myself on the internet the other day and I came on a page with unusual models. One model really catched my eye.

There is a very young woman. She is a model. Moffy is very beautiful and talented but she’s also cross-eyed. That’s what makes her so special in her model career.
I think she has the right to be a model. It’s something different, not fake, just being herself!
Look at the pictures and tell me what you think about it?

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Xoxo Caroline

Why I love Kylie Jenner

Hola chicas!

Many people don’t like Kylie Jenner or they even hate her!
Why is that? Why so much hate?

“She stole the formula for her Cosmetics!”

I have a Kylie Cosmetics lipkit the Dolce K matte liquid lipstick and the lip gloss So cute which you can see in a pictures in my post of my February Favorites. I really love them, there’s literally nothing wrong with them. There have been rumours that she stole it from ColourPop Cosmetics. That’s not fair of course, but it’s not a crime I think either. It’s like cheating on a test, I’m in school so I know everything about it. Let me tell you, that’s not a crime either! Let Kylie Jenner live how she wants to live.

“She had plastic surgery!”

Yes, she had. So, what? Maybe she was very insecure about herself or just for attention but who cares it’s not our business, right? It’s hers. I’m okay with that.

“She acts like a slut!”

It’s an opinion but who are we to judge? Are you friends with her? Is she rude? Is she being mean to you or slutty? Maybe we need to know a person better to judge on her. I have seen pictures of her on her Instagram, I wouldn’t post pictures like that but I’m not Kylie Jenner. She wants to be famous and she keeps her fame high by posting risky photos.But that’s okay.

“She became famous by doing nothing!”

You see it how you want. In my opinion she became famous by having guts to talk about her body and what she wants. She’s independent.

Tell me what you think about her. Love or hate Kylie or don’t you care at all?

Xoxo Caroline


Gigi Hadid Vogue

Hola chicas!

I got some latest news for you!!!!
You probably know Gigi Hadid, right? If you don’t, you know her know this is her:

She’s a really famous model in America. I guess you understand why she is. 🙂
She gets really rich of being a famous model and as you know, famous models reach the covers from magazines.
Gigi reached the cover of a lot of magazines like Marie-Claire and Vogue. But Vogue also has different Vogues in languages and countries.
And this is what brings us to the latest news of her.


I really think she’s stunning on the picture! What do you think?

Xoxo Caroline


Hola chicas!

Who uses a lot of dry shampoo?

When I don’t have time, my quick & go is dry shampoo! It’s easy, right?
It can also be a little messy. Your scalp gets damaged after using a lot of that handy friend.
Because of the dry shampoo, you don’t get natural oils anymore which means that your scalp pores are going to absorb bacteria and dirt and that causes dandruff!

If you want to prevent this you can buy special hair products OR another simple and easy solution… Add a little spoon of coffee sugar in your hair when you’re washing with shampoo!!!!

It’s super easy and quick, I do this once every two weeks and it really seems to help.
Nobody will notice that you used sugar because your hair doesn’t get greasy at all! Like it never happened and your hair AND scalp are going to be way healthier and fresher!
Try it!
Leave in the comments if you’ve tried it and what you think about it! I’m curious! 🙂

Xoxo Caroline


Ootd: Birthday!

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Hola chicas!

You probably know that my Birthday was yesterday if you have seen/read my other post last day, but I haven’t posted my birthday outfit. What a shame, right?! So here I am with my birthday outfit-post.
I’m 17 years old now and in Belgium I can get my theoretical driving test which I’m very excited for!
Let’s talk about the fashion on my special day.

Of course you’re not going to show up for people in your basic clothes or even in your jogging/sweatpants with a sweater you wore a week or even longer (in the evening). Obviously you take a beauty sleep the night before and then you take a shower, do your makeup and then the holy Birthday Outfit. I wanted to keep it a little simple because 17 is a little more basic. It’s a year between 16 (where you can legally drink alcohol and have sex) and 18 (where you can have a driver’s license and a lot of other stuff). In Belgium we are officially an adult. So next year I’ll have a mega fancy outfit!

My outfit yesterday is not that basic of course! It’s a basic grey, short dress with a collar and my little fake fur sleeveless vest. Under the dress I wore my basic black tights and fancy heels. Then I matched the outfit with jewelry/details as well.
That’s all about my birthday outfit and I hope you like it. Leave it in the comments what you think about it! 🙂

Xoxo Caroline



A trend I don’t like

Hola chicas!

Have you seen a trend and that you think << I want to burn it!>>?
Well, I do. I actually do now. I follow the latest trends normally. Reasons why I follow them: I like it, I’m into fashion… But when I don’t like a trend, I won’t wear it. Just because I won’t feel good in myself. Ladies, for real, if you DON’T like a trend but everyone is wearing it, just DON’T wear it. You don’t need to be a robot that follows everything if you don’t even like it.

The trend I don’t like at the moment (it’s possible that I’m changing my mind later) is the corset! I’m talking about the corset that looks like a gigantic belt with laces/knots on it. You basically wear it on a shirt. I think it’s weird and it makes your body look unnatural and small like you’re not happy with your own body or something. And because you wear it for everyone to see is like you are screaming in the streets: <<Hey! I’m not happy with my body! I wear this corset for everyone to see that I’m making my belly really flat. Do you like me now?>>
A couple of celebs wear this like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj… But the thing is that I haven’t seen anyone on the streets with it. I assume that I’m not the only one that doesn’t like this trend, right?
What do you think about this trend? Leave it in the comments in the left side bar! 🙂

Xoxo Caroline