Fashion Friday

Hola chicas!

It’s Friday today which means it’s FASHION FRIDAY!
I’m super excited for this new thing on my blog and it’s called Fashion Friday, obviously. 🙂

Actually it’s just an OOTD (outfit of the day) but an expected one, so you can expect an ootd every Friday of the week. I hope that you darlings will love it. Let me know if you do! ❤

I chose this outfit because you darlings haven’t seen anything of this style in my wardrobe and I think it’s time to show it to you darlings.

I wore cool, black pants with white, light lines. As shirt, I was wearing a yellow one which I adore because it’s so comfy and loose. It’s like a little oversized so you can put it in you bottoms, in this case my pants. What I also love about this tee is the ‘honey’ handwritten on my chest.
On the shirt I really like to wear my denim jacket which I did and you have probably seen a lot of times. 😀
My shoes were a little bit different this time. I chose to wear my grey ones which I used to love so badly but they’re a little broken and dirty but good for the Fashion Friday. 🙂
Also accessories to match, my golden hoop earrings and my golden/black necklace. The ring on my forefinger is the head of a tiger.

I hope you like the outfit! If not, no problem. Everyone has his own taste and you should keep that! Love you darlings! ❤

Xoxo Caroline



Ootd: Birthday!

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Hola chicas!

You probably know that my Birthday was yesterday if you have seen/read my other post last day, but I haven’t posted my birthday outfit. What a shame, right?! So here I am with my birthday outfit-post.
I’m 17 years old now and in Belgium I can get my theoretical driving test which I’m very excited for!
Let’s talk about the fashion on my special day.

Of course you’re not going to show up for people in your basic clothes or even in your jogging/sweatpants with a sweater you wore a week or even longer (in the evening). Obviously you take a beauty sleep the night before and then you take a shower, do your makeup and then the holy Birthday Outfit. I wanted to keep it a little simple because 17 is a little more basic. It’s a year between 16 (where you can legally drink alcohol and have sex) and 18 (where you can have a driver’s license and a lot of other stuff). In Belgium we are officially an adult. So next year I’ll have a mega fancy outfit!

My outfit yesterday is not that basic of course! It’s a basic grey, short dress with a collar and my little fake fur sleeveless vest. Under the dress I wore my basic black tights and fancy heels. Then I matched the outfit with jewelry/details as well.
That’s all about my birthday outfit and I hope you like it. Leave it in the comments what you think about it! 🙂

Xoxo Caroline