Feeling down but strong

Hola chicas & listen up…

People say you have to give other people second chances.
People say you have to take care of yourself.
People say you need to stop stressing about things.

I do give people second changes.
I do take care of myself.
I do not stop stressing about things.

I recently gave someone a second chance after a year and 4 months. That’s what people tell you to do, right?
So I did…
And he fucked up…
I’m at a point that I don’t take care of myself because I don’t want to. I feel so horrible.
I was being polite and sweet, being a warm human towards another.

When I give someone a second chance, it’s hard to keep taking care of yourself when you know it was a bad decision.
It’s the hundredth time I’ve given someone a second chance. I feel so bad.
This affects me the next time I give someone a second chance.

I have to keep my head high and let it go.
That’s what I’m going to do and I wanted you to know that shit like this happens and it can’t get you all the time. You have to get over it and forget about it.
Do what you love.
I love piano, urbex, photographing, my best friends, sporting, blogging…
We both know what I’m going to do a lot around this time. 🙂

Thank you for listening and adiós
Xoxo Caroline


Skincare tip!

Hola chicas!

I have a terrible skin. I accept my skin the way it is. I take care of my skin.

I did a lot of research how I could prevent my skin from acne. Nothing really seems to help perfectly. Still, there are some tips that makes a little difference. A little less pimples, please.
If you suffer from pimples/acne too, then I have a little tip for you. When you wash your face or you took a shower… What I’m trying to say is when your face is wet, use toilet paper or tissues to dry your face instead of a towel. There can be a lot of bacteria in a towel and if you put the towel on your face, a lot of those little beasts will get into your pimple and it’s going to make it worse.

I really see the difference between using a towel and toilet paper.
You should try it too. You can see results after a week already.
Let me know in the comments if it worked or if it totally didn’t?!

Xoxo Caroline