Unusual model 2.0

Hola chicas!

I’ve posted a post with an unusual model as concept. Those models really catches my eye each time and I think it’s good to show them to you.

This is Winnie Harlow and I think she’s amazingly beautiful. She was diagnosed with the chronic skin condition vitiligo, characterized by depigmentation of portions of the skin, at the age of four.
It was hard for her because she was a victim of bullying. Now she’s happy and it’s worth the model career she thinks and so do I.

Here is the lovely Winnie. What do you think about it? ❤

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Xoxo Caroline



Veritas Haul

Hola chicas!

It’s Saturday. It’s my second last day of vacation. It’s my last weekend of vacation. It’s my first haul of vacation and on this blog…

Let’s make it fun by reading this lovely haul.

I went a little shopping in the Veritas (shop in Belgium) where I bought literally 2 things but I really wanted to show it to you darlings.

I bought the fishnet tights that I wanted because I love the trend where you wear the fishnet under your ripped jeans (post: Trend I love). And I also bought a foot bracelet.


Xoxo Caroline


Unusual model

Hola chicas!

I was amusing myself on the internet the other day and I came on a page with unusual models. One model really catched my eye.

There is a very young woman. She is a model. Moffy is very beautiful and talented but she’s also cross-eyed. That’s what makes her so special in her model career.
I think she has the right to be a model. It’s something different, not fake, just being herself!
Look at the pictures and tell me what you think about it?

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Xoxo Caroline

Gigi Hadid Vogue

Hola chicas!

I got some latest news for you!!!!
You probably know Gigi Hadid, right? If you don’t, you know her know this is her:

She’s a really famous model in America. I guess you understand why she is. 🙂
She gets really rich of being a famous model and as you know, famous models reach the covers from magazines.
Gigi reached the cover of a lot of magazines like Marie-Claire and Vogue. But Vogue also has different Vogues in languages and countries.
And this is what brings us to the latest news of her.


I really think she’s stunning on the picture! What do you think?

Xoxo Caroline

Feeling down but strong

Hola chicas & listen up…

People say you have to give other people second chances.
People say you have to take care of yourself.
People say you need to stop stressing about things.

I do give people second changes.
I do take care of myself.
I do not stop stressing about things.

I recently gave someone a second chance after a year and 4 months. That’s what people tell you to do, right?
So I did…
And he fucked up…
I’m at a point that I don’t take care of myself because I don’t want to. I feel so horrible.
I was being polite and sweet, being a warm human towards another.

When I give someone a second chance, it’s hard to keep taking care of yourself when you know it was a bad decision.
It’s the hundredth time I’ve given someone a second chance. I feel so bad.
This affects me the next time I give someone a second chance.

I have to keep my head high and let it go.
That’s what I’m going to do and I wanted you to know that shit like this happens and it can’t get you all the time. You have to get over it and forget about it.
Do what you love.
I love piano, urbex, photographing, my best friends, sporting, blogging…
We both know what I’m going to do a lot around this time. 🙂

Thank you for listening and adiós
Xoxo Caroline