Hola chicas!

I’m glad you’re visiting my blog! Are you new to my blog and am I new to you? Let’s make it clear who I am. 🙂

I’m Caroline and I’m going to be 17 years old next Wednesday! That is of course the first March. You know who else has his birthday then? JUSTING BIEBER!!!
I’m not really a Belieber but I do like his songs, they’re really good! So no love no hate. 😉

I live in Belgium with my parents and my older sister (20 years old).
Caroline, why are you writing in English? Super simple, if I write in English instead of Dutch, that’s because I’m going to have a way bigger public on my blog after a while. I hope that a lot of people will love my blog and that they will understand my way of living. Maybe we could learn of each other…

I start with a blog because I think that this will change my habits and stuff. I think that blogging can calm me and that I can express myself towards the world. I like fashion and the latest trends. I like makeup,  photographing and playing piano as well. I thought I could mix them a little. Isn’t that fun to you? I could make video’s of me playing the piano and post them when I’m a little further with blogging. You like that idea? Let me know! You can let me know in the ‘leave a comment’ in the sidebar (public) or in the tab ‘contact’ (private). I’ll receive it as a mail and I’ll respond your mail.

Oh before I forget, there’s something else I live for! I adore urbex! Do you know what it is? Maybe I’ll explain everything one day!

I think this is it to know about my blog. You should find out the rest by exploring a little my blog. 🙂


Xoxo Caroline