Hola chicas!

Who uses a lot of dry shampoo?

When I don’t have time, my quick & go is dry shampoo! It’s easy, right?
It can also be a little messy. Your scalp gets damaged after using a lot of that handy friend.
Because of the dry shampoo, you don’t get natural oils anymore which means that your scalp pores are going to absorb bacteria and dirt and that causes dandruff!

If you want to prevent this you can buy special hair products OR another simple and easy solution… Add a little spoon of coffee sugar in your hair when you’re washing with shampoo!!!!

It’s super easy and quick, I do this once every two weeks and it really seems to help.
Nobody will notice that you used sugar because your hair doesn’t get greasy at all! Like it never happened and your hair AND scalp are going to be way healthier and fresher!
Try it!
Leave in the comments if you’ve tried it and what you think about it! I’m curious! 🙂

Xoxo Caroline



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