February favorites

Hola chicas!

I was thinking about posting each month my favorites of the month. It can be something with beauty or with fashion, even lifestyle… it could be everything!
I’ll post it the last day of each month. I hope you like it! Leave in the comments at the left side what you think about it!

My number one of the favorites is Raspberry Pomegranate tea!
The tea is so sweet and lovely. It tastes very nice and fruity. This tea will be my ‘Afternoon tea’ for now on.


My second one is the Coconut shampoo & conditioner of Coconut Pure. I got it as a Christmas gift from my sister. The products are so healthy. It makes my hair softer and blonder than I already am. I also love the lip balm of Coconut Pure. You can purchase them in the Action.


I take a lot of baths. They help me to relax. I take them mostly in the evening with only one red lamp, some cented candles and not to forget my tea or maybe even a glass of red wine when I feel like drinking it. In those baths I really like to put a mask on my face. Sometimes from the Lush but lately I’ve been using the white clay mask of De Tuinen. It’s really easy to apply. When it’s fresh  on your face, it tingles a little but after a minute it’s hard and you don’t feel anything anymore. It’s also easy to remove the mask from your face. You just need water. After the mask, my face felt like the bums of a baby! Even the super little pimples disappeared. So this one definitely belongs in my favorites.


Last but not least, I won the Kylie Cosmetics lip kit on a giveaway. The giveaway was on the app ‘Cuuura’, if you’re interested. It’s a fashion app in style like Instagram. (Disclaimer: only Apple users can download it). I got the matte liquid lipstick Dolce K with the lip pencil and the lip gloss So Cute. I have a lot of outfits where I can put the Dolce K on my lips and it’s really a good product! Before applying it, I like to put a lip balm on my lips like the Coconut Pure! So this one comes in the list too. If you want one too you can check Kylie Jenners site! Kyliecosmetics.com.


This was my February favorites and I hope you liked it. You can always leave a comment if you liked it or if you want me to do other things on my blog!



PS: this is the icon in the App store of Cuuura


Xoxo Caroline



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