Must have trend 2017

Hola chicas!

Today I have something new. Each year there are a lot of trends that catch our eyes. A while ago the trend was ripped jeans. And now this year in 2017 the trend comes along with them. You might have heard of it yet but one of the new year trends is the FISHNET!!

If you don’t know about them yet, well they’re tights with sort of squares in it.
You wear them under you ripped jeans and then you see your fishnet tights where the holes of your jeans are and under your jeans too.

I’m going to buy them in the h&m for 8 euros. I have a lot of time to buy them because in Belgium we have vacation and I can post a lot of pictures as well because I have a lot of ripped jeans. So that won’t be a problem. 🙂

If you don’t know how they look, here are some pictures.

Xoxo Caroline


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