Ootd: Winter chill

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Hola chicas!

It’s OOTD-time (outfit of the day)!!!
I always like to see outfits of other girls, for inspiration or just because I love to see the style of other people…
So now on my turn, the outfit I was wearing today is the ‘Winter chill’ outfit. It’s for a simple winter in Belgium when it’s not too cold. I’m wearing khaki trousers with a grey sweater with a collar and on the shoulders are flowers which you can not really see if my denim jacket is on top of it.
I like to put the sweater a little in my pants in the front, only a little bit. Just to make it a little less simple.
Sometimes I like to wear a belt, if I do, it’s a black one. Today I felt like wearing it, so I did. On top of my sweater, I’m wearing a basic denim jacket. The shoes I was wearing are black with a fluffy pad which you can remove. I got it as a gift on Christmas from my parents. And I ADORE them!
For a little touch to the outfit: accessories! I’m wearing little silver hoop earrings, a fake diamond ring and a little bracelet with the Eiffel tower.

Sweater ➡️ New Look
Trousers ➡️ Pull&Bear
Shoes ➡️ Gallerys
Denim jacket ➡️ Zara
Fake diamond ring ➡️  Claire’s
Silver hoop rings ➡️ Hema
Bracelet Eiffel tower ➡️ Paris

I guess, that’s it for my outfit and I hope you liked it. 🙂

Xoxo Caroline



February favorites

Hola chicas!

I was thinking about posting each month my favorites of the month. It can be something with beauty or with fashion, even lifestyle… it could be everything!
I’ll post it the last day of each month. I hope you like it! Leave in the comments at the left side what you think about it!

My number one of the favorites is Raspberry Pomegranate tea!
The tea is so sweet and lovely. It tastes very nice and fruity. This tea will be my ‘Afternoon tea’ for now on.


My second one is the Coconut shampoo & conditioner of Coconut Pure. I got it as a Christmas gift from my sister. The products are so healthy. It makes my hair softer and blonder than I already am. I also love the lip balm of Coconut Pure. You can purchase them in the Action.


I take a lot of baths. They help me to relax. I take them mostly in the evening with only one red lamp, some cented candles and not to forget my tea or maybe even a glass of red wine when I feel like drinking it. In those baths I really like to put a mask on my face. Sometimes from the Lush but lately I’ve been using the white clay mask of De Tuinen. It’s really easy to apply. When it’s fresh  on your face, it tingles a little but after a minute it’s hard and you don’t feel anything anymore. It’s also easy to remove the mask from your face. You just need water. After the mask, my face felt like the bums of a baby! Even the super little pimples disappeared. So this one definitely belongs in my favorites.


Last but not least, I won the Kylie Cosmetics lip kit on a giveaway. The giveaway was on the app ‘Cuuura’, if you’re interested. It’s a fashion app in style like Instagram. (Disclaimer: only Apple users can download it). I got the matte liquid lipstick Dolce K with the lip pencil and the lip gloss So Cute. I have a lot of outfits where I can put the Dolce K on my lips and it’s really a good product! Before applying it, I like to put a lip balm on my lips like the Coconut Pure! So this one comes in the list too. If you want one too you can check Kylie Jenners site! Kyliecosmetics.com.


This was my February favorites and I hope you liked it. You can always leave a comment if you liked it or if you want me to do other things on my blog!



PS: this is the icon in the App store of Cuuura


Xoxo Caroline


Feeling down but strong

Hola chicas & listen up…

People say you have to give other people second chances.
People say you have to take care of yourself.
People say you need to stop stressing about things.

I do give people second changes.
I do take care of myself.
I do not stop stressing about things.

I recently gave someone a second chance after a year and 4 months. That’s what people tell you to do, right?
So I did…
And he fucked up…
I’m at a point that I don’t take care of myself because I don’t want to. I feel so horrible.
I was being polite and sweet, being a warm human towards another.

When I give someone a second chance, it’s hard to keep taking care of yourself when you know it was a bad decision.
It’s the hundredth time I’ve given someone a second chance. I feel so bad.
This affects me the next time I give someone a second chance.

I have to keep my head high and let it go.
That’s what I’m going to do and I wanted you to know that shit like this happens and it can’t get you all the time. You have to get over it and forget about it.
Do what you love.
I love piano, urbex, photographing, my best friends, sporting, blogging…
We both know what I’m going to do a lot around this time. 🙂

Thank you for listening and adiós
Xoxo Caroline

Skincare tip!

Hola chicas!

I have a terrible skin. I accept my skin the way it is. I take care of my skin.

I did a lot of research how I could prevent my skin from acne. Nothing really seems to help perfectly. Still, there are some tips that makes a little difference. A little less pimples, please.
If you suffer from pimples/acne too, then I have a little tip for you. When you wash your face or you took a shower… What I’m trying to say is when your face is wet, use toilet paper or tissues to dry your face instead of a towel. There can be a lot of bacteria in a towel and if you put the towel on your face, a lot of those little beasts will get into your pimple and it’s going to make it worse.

I really see the difference between using a towel and toilet paper.
You should try it too. You can see results after a week already.
Let me know in the comments if it worked or if it totally didn’t?!

Xoxo Caroline

Romwe Wishlist

Hola chicas!

I’m literally obsessed with shopping but I also want to buy things online. I’ll be going to do this probably in a weekend after the vacation with a best friend. I’ve watched YouTube video’s about reviews of the online shop Romwe. A lot of people were very happy about it. They say it’s really reliable. So why not trying it? I’m going to limit my purchase a little by taking my top 10 favorites on the site that I want.
Here we go:

Pink Drop Shoulder Ruffle Trim Fuzzy Sweater: €12,38
Grey Striped V Neck Crop Sweater: €7,57
Army Green Criss Cross Front V Back Short Sleeve T-shirt: €7,67

Army Green Turtleneck Drop Shoulder Sweater Dress: €18,11
Red Ruffle Off The Shoulder Shift Dress: €10,55
Heather Grey Double Scoop Neck Side Striped Tank Top With Skirt: €13,43

Pink Leaf Print Racer Back Bikini Set:€13,43
Leaf Print Triangle Bikini Set: €9,59
Green Leaf Print Triangle Bikini Set: €12,47
Gold Coin Fringe Statement Necklace: €3,83

This was my top 10! I’ll let you know if I bought them with my friend, also you can get inspiration from this perhaps. Maybe you want something that is in my list? Don’t hesitate! Just buy it!
I really enjoyed making this post and I hope you like this post!

Xoxo Caroline

Ootd: Sushi Night Out

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Hola chicas!

It was such a chill day today. I had nothing planned only in the evening. I went to the Sushi King with my family (my parents, sister, cousins with his girlfriend and her parents). It was so fun and cosy.
Because I had a lot of time today, I searched for the perfect outfit! The weather here in Belgium today was not really cold and it didn’t rain. I always keep the weather in mind when I’m searching for an outfit!

So I chose to wear a skirt with black tights underneath it. As shirt I wore a basic grey shirt with ‘start somewhere’ in black on it. I put the shirt in my skirt and made it a little puffy to add a little more volume. Only a shirt was of course too cold so I wore a Bernadette (knitted vest) on top of it. I didn’t wear a jacket but a scarf instead.

Shoes! Of course not to forget the shoes. I wore my black, fluffy shoes. Today I wanted to match my outfit with silver accessories. So I did. I wore my earrings with a diamond in the front and the lock behind my ear is a pink bulb. Then  I wore a silver fake diamond ring, a bracelet with little shells and a see-trough necklace with a little fake diamond. And then last but not least my little soft pink handbag with a golden chain.

  • Bernadette vest ➡️ Garderobe
  • Shirt ➡️ Bershka
  • Skirt ➡️ Kiabi
  • Tights ➡️ Hema
  • Scarf ➡️ Six
  • Necklace ➡️ Fashion Click (online)
  • Earrings ➡️ Inno
  • Ring ➡️ Claire’s
  • Bracelet ➡️ France shell shop
  • Shoes ➡️ Gallerys

That was my outfit for a Sushi Night Out. Let me know what you think of the outfit. I’ll be pleased to hear it! ❤

Xoxo Caroline

Must have trend 2017

Hola chicas!

Today I have something new. Each year there are a lot of trends that catch our eyes. A while ago the trend was ripped jeans. And now this year in 2017 the trend comes along with them. You might have heard of it yet but one of the new year trends is the FISHNET!!

If you don’t know about them yet, well they’re tights with sort of squares in it.
You wear them under you ripped jeans and then you see your fishnet tights where the holes of your jeans are and under your jeans too.

I’m going to buy them in the h&m for 8 euros. I have a lot of time to buy them because in Belgium we have vacation and I can post a lot of pictures as well because I have a lot of ripped jeans. So that won’t be a problem. 🙂

If you don’t know how they look, here are some pictures.

Xoxo Caroline

New blog, new me!

Hola chicas!

As you can tell, this is THE first post of my blog. Also, this blog is new, just like me. So before you click this away. Take a drink, take a snack, sit in your most comfortable seat and enjoy reading this post. 🙂

First things first… I’m Caroline and I’m going to be 17 years old the first March. Which is already next Wednesday!
I live in Belgium with my parents, my older sister (20 years old) and my two cats (birmans). I’m still in school, I’m doing Office Management & Languages. Beside that I play piano and I like photographing. I learned it on vacation in France. My dad taught me. We travel often. I’ve been twice in Africa and next year I’ll be going to America.
I was hoping that blogging could be like a passion and where I can be myself and where I can express myself as well.

I think this is it for now… If you have any questions you can always send a mail to: carolinealderweireldt@gmail.com and you can follow me too on Instagram: carolinealderweireldt. Feel free to leave comments (ideas to post on my blog). 🙂

Xoxo Caroline